Don’t Let Head Lice Push You Over the Edge

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Everyone seems to have busy schedules, too much to do and too little time to do it these days. With working busy jobs, raising children with their own schedules and juggling family time as well, a bad case of head lice in your home can seem almost unbearable to manage. 

Take a deep breath, sit back and remember, you are not in this alone. Here at Lice Clinics of Texas, we want you to know these five important points. 


5 Reasons Head Lice Shouldn’t Get You Down


#1 – Head Lice Are a Nuisance, Not a Public Health Hazard.

Head lice are a problem and a bother, but no one is seriously in danger. Although in rare cases, infection and problems can occur from untreated irritations on the scalp, if you are working to correct the problem the likelihood of that happening is incredibly low.  

Head lice are not known to transmit any disease and therefore are not considered a health hazard. Symptoms will occur with 4 to 6 weeks of the initial infection. Most often the worst thing that comes from head lice is irritated, red sores on the scalp from bites and scratching. Yes, you definitely need to treat head lice. But no, no one is in serious harm. 


#2 – Head Lice is Very Common. You Are Not Alone. 

Every year in the United States alone up to 12 million children will get head lice. That number is on the rise for all kids, including teens. Why? New super lice are showing strong immunities to over the counter treatments. This is increasing cases of head lice in elementary schools, middle schools, and even high schools. Teens sharing electronic devices and catching head lice from younger siblings is something we are seeing more and more as well. 


#3 – Head Lice is a Right of Passage.

Head lice do not mean that you are dirty or gross. Science has proven that head lice are no respecter of persons and like dirty or clean hair alike. In fact, some studies have shown they actually prefer clean hair in certain scenarios because it is easier to claw their way around from strand to strand. Regardless, it is no indication of your social status or hygiene habits. 

Getting a case of head lice is a problem that builds character, helps keep us grounded, and reminds us that we are all really the same. Vulnerable, susceptible, human beings who need each other. No one is better than anyone else. No one is more important than anyone else. We are all here, experiencing life and learning from these daily lessons.  A child or household that catches head lice has to learn how to face this challenge head-on, quite literally. 


#4 – School Policies Are Changing

Many schools are changing their tune after the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has just updated their guidelines, saying that kids with lice should not be banned from school. Instead, they have suggested that children showing mild symptoms or nits should be allowed to attend school, notify parents that they require treatment during the evening, and they are allowed back into school as soon as the next day. 

Although this does raise some eyebrows, and some people are contesting it, many people actually believe this is an improvement. Children do not need to feel banished from their classmates any longer. They don’t need to miss extensive days of school and be publically called out for having head lice. As long as the parents are actively trying to eliminate it, they do not pose a huge threat to classmates. 


#5 – Lice Clinics of Texas is Your BEST resource

Never before have generations of parents had Lice Clinics of Texas at their disposal when dealing with head lice in their family. We provide a support system for you like no other place available. We know what you are dealing with! We have solutions to your head lice concerns! We deal with head lice on a daily basis and can be here for you during this stressful scenario!