“ This place is a Godsend if you need a true one and done treatment. ”


The staff of the Clinic came to my daughters camp and treated her (and many others) They were super professional and addition to that super nice. They were patient and gave every camper their full attention and care.

- Diego

This place is a Godsend if you need a true one and done treatment. I really appreciated the kind voice on the other end of the line when I called Lice Clinics. Jessica talked me down from a ledge. I was distraught and didn’t know what to do, and she made me feel at ease and was able to get us checked and treated the same day. We had tried the shampoos, leave-ins, and even a “nitpicker.” Nothing worked until we went to Lice Clinics of Austin. I wrote this 5 weeks after the treatment so as to be sure!

- Nathan

As an only parent there are things I’ve learned that are out of my wheelhouse. Lice is one of them. Between the pressure of getting it under control asap and the emotional impact on a child, it’s worth the money to know the lice are totally removed. I’ve tried to manage it myself and it just wouldn’t go away. One treatment here and gone. If you value your time and mental state go to Lice Clinics.

- Bryan

After dealing with lice for 2 months I was relieved to find a solution. I tried the over the counter products and combed and combed through my daughters hair on a regular basis. Nothing was working and it seemed like a loosing battle until I found this place. I was skeptical at first and did a lot of research. I finally decided to bring my daughter to get her treated. This was the best decision I made. Not only was the staff friendly, they were very knowledgeable and put me at ease. The technician was great with my daughter and answered all her questions as well as mine. I left feeling relieved and like my nightmare was finally over. If I ever have to deal with Lice again, I will bring her back here.

- Rochelle

My toddler and I both got infested with lice, and after failing at 3 at-home treatments, we decided to bite the bullet and leave it to the professionals. I’m so glad I did because Maria was so wonderful. She answered all my questions and was so thorough and confident. I was in great hands.

- Sara

With the chemical resistant lice in Austin, this place is your only actual recourse. We treated with the shampoo over and over, vacuumed and treated beds, etc, nothing else helped. It’s worth every penny, and the preventatives really work

- Lonny

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