Our professional treatment will take care of your problem. Through our years of experience and thousands of clients, we have the deepest knowledge about lice in the state. In addition to eliminating lice in one visit, we can screen your family, answer your questions about home care, and we offer you a 6-week guarantee so you don’t have to worry about getting it again. We have developed our proprietary method after using different industry techniques, to find the best solution for our clients for everything from screening and treatment to after-care. Call us TODAY to schedule an appointment.

    Our Process - What Makes Us Different

    • Kills Lice AND Nits
    • Typically Takes Less than an Hour
    • Is Non-Toxic and Pesticide-Free
    • Incorporates the highest standards in Covid-19 protection protocols
    • Works for Kids and Adults
    • Includes a FREE Family Lice Screening with the purchase of just one treatment
    • Includes a 6-week Guarantee when all family members are checked for lice and cleared/treated
    • Includes discounts for multiple treatments

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