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In 2014, Jessica Evans and Michelle Sunshine opened LOUSTED, now known as Lice Clinics of America, Texas. Since opening day they have successfully treated thousands of families. As moms, they had dealt with lice first-hand and knew the struggles associated with super lice. They wanted to offer a head lice solution that was safe and effective, something not very common on the market. In 2016, they re-branded to Lice Clinics of America, the biggest lice treatment network in the world and have been booming in business ever since.

Lice Clinics of America is a science-based lice treatment company with carefully tested technology that works. Michelle and Jessica were the first to bring the revolutionary AirAllé treatment to Texas. The AirAllé is what makes Lice Clinics of America unique and successful. Jessica and Michelle now own clinics in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. They also partner with 11 summer camps to provide head lice treatment. They stay busy educating their community about head lice treatment and helping parents return to normal life after head lice.

Our Process - What Makes Us Different

Our guaranteed AirAllé treatment is what makes our clinic the best around. It was invented by a scientist at the University of Utah to combat super lice. It was strategically designed to blow controlled, warm air in a pattern over the head to dehydrate head lice and eggs. It takes approximately an hour and doesn’t require any upkeep or follow-up. The best part? Your child will be perfectly safe because we don’t use pesticides or harmful chemicals. It’s faster and more effective than any shampoo or cream you’ll find.

Our full-service AirAllé® treatment is backed by a guarantee, meaning if you get lice again within six weeks of your treatment, we’ll treat you again for free! That’s how confident we are that it’ll work. It’s a no-brainer. Choose Lice Clinics of America, Texas and say goodbye to head lice in an hour!

The AirAllé device

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Our mission at Lice Clinics of America is to solve your head lice issue easily and as quickly as possible.

We have the experience to diagnose a lice problem and offer effective solutions to fit each individual case. And, we have diversions like wifi, iPads and TV.

Please arrive at your appointment with clean, dry hair, and let us take care of the rest. We have clinics located conveniently in Houston, Austin and San Antonio, TX.


These ladies know their stuff. They made an icky situation rather pleasant, they’re awesome with the kiddos, and make you feel so welcome and comfortable. An awesome place for lice removal in Austin, Texas.
-Tara H

Lousted has a fantastic staff and great service! Worth every penny!
-Mari J

Great experience in a difficult time. Thanks for making it comfortable for the entire family.
-Square Reviewer


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