Coming to Grips With Head Lice

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Head lice can come as a shock to parents who just don’t ever think it could happen to their kids! The reality is, head lice happens to all types of people. Regardless of social status, ethnicity, financial background or hygiene. The best thing to do when dealing with the shock of head lice is to face FACTS! 


Reality #1 – Head Lice Effect All Types of People

When scientists study which type of hair head lice are more drawn to, they have actually found head lice have no preference as to the cleanliness of someone’s hair. That means the age-old stigma that only dirty people get head lice is completely FALSE. Check out this study published with ABC Health and Wellbeing detailing the results of years of study about head lice. 

The only people who are safe from head lice are those with no hair, or bald! They are spread most commonly through direct head to head contact. They need hair strands to attach to and lay their eggs. They live off the blood supply from a human host. 


Reality #2 –  Your Kid Has Had Head Lice for a While

The first symptom of head lice is itching. The itchiness on the scalp, back of the neck or behind the ears is an allergic reaction to lice saliva or fecal matter. It often takes three to four weeks for that reaction to start, which would lead to you starting to notice symptoms. Often the initial itching is just overlooked as dry skin.  Head lice breed and reproduce at a fast rate. With a life span of only 30 days, adult lice need to grow and mature before you really start to notice significant symptoms. That is why frequent scalp screenings are the best way to avoid an outbreak. 


Reality #3 – Head Checks Are The Best Way To Detect Lice

The sooner you find lice, the sooner you can get rid of them. The longer your child has head lice, the higher the chance of your other household members getting head lice. Even adults or the elderly would be at risk. Not to mention your child’s circle of friends and classmates.  Nobody wants to be the reason for a lice outbreak at school. The only way to catch lice early on is to perform regular head checks on your children. We can show you the best ways to catch head lice early in our clinic. 


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Now you know a little bit more about head lice. Call Lice Clinics of Texas if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment!