Head Lice And The Other Types

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Lice Treatments, Super Lice | 0 comments

Head Lice

We are everything head lice. We are experts at treating it, we keep up with new research on it and we know how to effectively treat it without the use of pesticides or chemicals of any kind. Head lice are the most common type of lice, especially in children and it is the type your child might contract at school or at a friend’s house or at summer camp. Some parents might raise four kids and never deal with head lice, and another parent might have four kids and have to deal with it with each one of them. It is no reflection on the parent; lice become even more common when there’s an outbreak at your child’s school. You just never know if your child is going to get lice or not so it’s a good idea for parents to know a little bit about it and to know about their treatment options just in case. It is something you want to get treated as soon as possible. Head lice are technically called Pediculus humanus capitas and reside in the hair, close to the scalp. They feed off blood from the scalp several times a day and cause major itching. We treat head lice only at our clinic, no other type of lice. There are two other types of lice.

Body Lice

Body lice, or Pediculus humanus corporis, live on the body and are gross little bugs that can carry diseases if you don’t treat them. They are usually associated with someone who has bad hygiene and is unclean. This type of lice can certainly be treated by improved hygiene, cleanliness, and access to regular changes of clothes. Body lice infestations can go away. Stay clean and hygienic to avoid them!

Pubic Lice

Pubic lice are pretty self-explanatory. They lice in pubic hair and can also be found in other areas such as eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, mustaches, chest hair or armpits. Their technical name is Pthirus Pubis and they are usually spread through sexual contact. There are effective over-the-counter and prescription treatments for pubic lice. This one can get worse if not taken care of.

No matter what kind, lice infestations are gross and not at all fun. They should all be treated as soon as possible and we can take care of that if you find yourself or your children with head lice. It’s important to get every member of your family checked if one person gets head lice and we can do that at our clinic. Bring them in and we’ll take it from there.