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What makes us different

Based on our 10 years of professional lice treatment experience, we are excited to offer our exclusive Pro Air method. The Pro Air treatment includes three key elements: precise screening, followed by our cutting-edge heated air device to kill lice and bugs, and a final expert combing to remove debris.

Our device uses a controlled flow of heated air to methodically kill lice bugs and dehydrate all lice eggs. This allows us to eliminate your lice problem in one visit.

Lice Clinics of Texas knows that the key to stopping lice is getting rid of the eggs. With traditional lice treatment, this is a problem, since no lice comb can remove them in one sitting, and you are left repeating the cycle and combing over and over.

Our revolutionary approach takes care of both the bugs AND the eggs to fix your problem quickly and easily. Lice Clinics of Texas is the fastest and most effective way to stop lice in their tracks. Problem solved!

Problem Solved!

We will quickly fix your lice problem and get your life back on track. And in case you come across lice again, don’t worry –
we’ve got you covered with our 6-week guarantee. We offer all of this at an affordable price. Call now for an

We Use the Most Advanced Technology

We take the hassle out of having lice by killing the bugs and eggs in one visit. Our treatment features a brand-new device which uses heated air to destroy lice eggs on contact, providing a quick, easy, and safe way to treat head lice infestations.

This is key because the hardest part of stopping a lice outbreak is killing all of the tiny eggs. If you do not kill the eggs, you are stuck in a never-ending cycle as the eggs hatch and new eggs are laid.

Our smart technology provides excellent oversight and quality control. The whole visit takes about an hour. This modern approach has revolutionized lice treatment, and we are proud to be the first to offer it in Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

Our Device Is Fast, Safe, & Effective

Our device is safe, effective and allows us to end your suffering in one visit. Our heated air approach kills the bugs and methodically dehydrates all lice eggs. Why waste time with traditional treatments when we can stop your problem quickly and easily? Give us a call today!

FloSonix-System for fast lice treatment.
Child getting a Flosonix treatment done.
Child getting a Flosonix treatment done.
Lice Clinics of Texas was founded by Michelle Sunshine And Jessoca Simmons of Lice Clinics of Texas

About Lice Clinics of Texas

Jessica Evans and Michelle Sunshine opened their business to provide expert lice treatment and guidance to families in Texas. Since opening day, they have successfully treated thousands of families. As moms, they had dealt with lice first-hand and knew the struggles associated with super lice. They wanted to offer a head lice solution that was safe and effective, and the best treatment option in the market. They are proud to welcome you to Lice Clinics of Texas in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. They pledge to provide the utmost in lice treatment care for your family.


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These ladies know their stuff. They made an icky situation rather pleasant, they’re awesome with the kiddos, and make you feel so welcome and comfortable. An awesome place for lice removal in Austin, Texas.

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Great experience in a difficult time. Thanks for making it comfortable for the entire family.

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