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Professional Lice Treatment

Problem Solved.

Our professional lice treatment will take care of your problem. Through our years of experience and thousands of clients, we have the deepest knowledge about lice in the state.

In addition to eliminating lice in one visit, we can screen your family, answer your questions about home care, and we offer you a 6-week guarantee, the longest of any lice clinic. 

We have developed our proprietary method after using different industry techniques, to find the best solution for our clients for everything from screening and treatment to after-care. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Process

What makes our treatment different

Through our years of lice treatment expertise, we have developed a proven 3-step process to stop a lice outbreak. Our process is safe for all ages, quick and effective.

Our process includes three key elements:

  1. A precise screening
  2. Treatment with our cutting-edge heated air device to kill lice and bugs
  3. A final expert combing to remove debris

Our device uses a controlled flow of heated air to methodically kill lice bugs and dehydrate all lice eggs. This allows us to eliminate your lice problem in one visit.

Our non-toxic and pesticide-free treatment typically takes less than an hour and is safe for all ages. Treatment includes a free family lice screening, a 6-week guarantee (when all family members are checked for lice and cleared/treated), and discounts for multiple treatments.

Get lice-free today!

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