Lice Facts

Interesting Things About Lice

You probably never thought that lice were interesting did you?

Our purpose for writing this blog post is to show you that any topic can be interesting. Some find lions to be interesting while others find fish to be interesting. When it comes to lice, they are just like any other living creature. They too can be interesting.

Lice have life cycles, behaviors, patterns, and most of all they can adapt to survive like any other animal. Our goal is to educate you about not only lice treatment options, but interesting lice facts.

I bet you didn’t know lice are considered parasites which require a host to survive. Did you know that lice eggs are called nits? Did you know that lice lay 6-10 eggs per day?

We love sharing head lice facts that help to educate our community. If you have any head lice problems don’t hesitate to try one of our lice removal remedies. To recap, anything can be interesting if you learn about it from the right approach. We will have more facts about lice soon. Stay tuned!

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