Summer Camp Head Lice Screening

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Summer is finally here! Swimming pools, ice cream cones, and lemonade stands are in full swing! Kids are super excited to attend summer camps with their sports teams, bands, church groups or friends that share similar interests. 


Did You Know?

Summer camps are an $18 billion a year industry. What better way to help your kids cultivate interests, develop skills or make new friends than sending them to a fun summer camp?

According to summer camp resources, more than 14,000-day camps are running across the United States every day. Half that many provide overnight experiences for kids. This provides hours of fun for over 14 million kids every summer!  What does that mean for head lice?


Summer Camp Head Lice Outbreaks

Warm, humid environments with lots of children close together equals head lice. Lice Clinics of Texas has the opportunity to help. We provide head lice checks for several summer camps in the local area. By doing this, we can screen kids on the first day of camp and supply camp administration with proper treatment in case a head lice infestation is found. 

If your camp does not provide screening, send your child equipped with knowledge. Most kids won’t give head lice a single thought. Talk to your child about sharing pillows, blankets, hats or even jackets with other children. Make sure they know to use their own hairbrushes and accessories. 

Most often though, head lice are passed on through direct head to head contact. Which, honesty is almost impossible to prevent between close friends at summer camp. With that being said, check your child before and after camp to ensure they don’t bring home any unwanted stragglers. Not sure what to look for? Bring them into our Lice Clinics of Texas for a head lice check. 


Camp Policy and Procedures

Before you send junior off to summer camp, contact the adults in charge and ask about head lice policies. Will they be performing head lice screenings? Is there an on-site nurse who is aware of symptoms and signs? If they do not have a plan set up, suggest screening and treatments being provided for those needing them. Stopping the problem from the get-go is the best way to prevent an outbreak.

Have Questions? Please contact Lice Clinics of Texas today! We are here to help you.