Head Lice Truth VS. Myth

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Lice Clinics of Texas is the industry leader in technology and professional lice removal services. Time and time again we see and treat people who believe misinformation about head lice.


Be in the know with these 5 Head Lice Misconceptions

#1 Myth: Personal Hygiene Plays a Role in Head Lice

Truth: Head lice can happen to anyone. Human parasites like head lice do not show favoritism to a certain gender, race, age, social class or physical type. The reality is that anyone with hair is at risk of being infected with head lice in their lifetime. Head lice are much more common in children, because of the way they interact, but this has nothing to do with hygiene or social class. Head lice have not shown any preference to clean or dirty hair in scientific studies. In fact, washing hair with soap and water does not eliminate them either because they are capable of holding their breath for up to 8 hours.


#2 Myth: My Pet Gave My Child Head Lice

Truth: Believe it or not, pets do not pose any risk for carrying or transferring head lice. They are strictly a human parasite.

#3 Myth: Head Lice Carry Diseases or Viruses

Truth: Head lice do not pose a public health risk. They are a huge inconvenience, cause irritation and need to be dealt with promptly. However, they are not carriers of diseases or viruses that could potentially be harmful or cause long-term illness. Bite marks, rashes, irritations or swollen bumps can be a symptom of head lice. Once in a while if left untreated open sores are scratched too often, and infection can occur. These are treated with creams or antibodies and do not pose a serious health problem.

#4 Myth: Head Lice Can Jump

Truth: Parasites often do scare many people into believing a lot of things. One very common misconception is that head lice can fly or jump around like little fleas. This is untrue. They are physically incapable of jumping. The end of their six legs is equipped with a claw that allows them to crawl from hair strand to hair strand. This is how they move from person to person or from a person’s head to clothing or furniture.


#5 Myth: Weeks After An Infection Bed or Couches are Contaminated

Truth: Head lice that fall off of a scalp, or nits that are transferred off of a human scalp will die if they do not receive food and warmth within 24 hours. It is extremely important to thoroughly launder and clean areas that could possibly have traces of head lice or nits. However, after 24 hours time nits or head lice are dead and cannot reinfect another person.  


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