Head Lice and Other Human Parasites

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Lice Clinics of Texas are the experts at educating, treating, diagnosing and preventing head lice! We get questions all the time about what other types of lice there are and who is at risk for catching them. Essentially there are three types of lice that affect a human body.


Head Lice are the most common and well-known type of human lice. Children between the ages of 3-10 are the most at risk for contracting head lice. It is passed through direct head to head contact most commonly, but can also be passed on by sharing clothing or items that are contaminated with head lice or their eggs.  Most people will have to deal with head lice at some point in their life. It is so common that up to 12 million people will report having head lice in the United States each year. Head lice are not particularly drawn to clear or dirty hair. They love any human head that can provide them with shelter, warmth and a food source. With that in mind, it is completely false that people who catch head lice are dirty or unkempt. Head lice can and does happen to everyone! It’s just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Body Lice are another form of human lice that live on the body. Most often they can be found near armpits, by the waist, groin, shoulders, or neck area. This is because they actually live within the fabrics of clothing and bedding and so they like places where it rests against human skin. Unlike head lice, body lice are most often only found in unhygienic conditions. Places where people are unable to get the basic care or everyday conveniences of hot water, soap or laundry facilities such as refugee camps, sites of natural disasters, or homeless shelters.  Body lice also spread disease, unlike head lice. Their bites can transfer diseases and cause infections if not properly treated.


Pubic Lice are a tiny human parasite that most often spread through sexual contact with an infected person. Although most often found in pubic hair, they can be found in other areas of the body such as mustaches, beards, armpits, chest hair, or even eyebrows. Pubic lice are totally treatable and need to be taken care of immediately if symptoms are present.


Lice Clinics of Texas is your source for all things head lice! We can help you identify if you have lice. We can show you the best treatment options. We will be here to help you make sure your head lice problem is gone for good!


If you are dealing with body lice or pubic lice, please contact a medical health care professional who can help you with these types of lice. Seek help immediately! The sooner you diagnose and eliminate the problem, the better.