Exploring Coconut Oil As A Lice Treatment

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Lice Treatments, parenting, Super Lice | 0 comments

As lice experts, we have heard many lice horror stories. Oftentimes parents panic and try to treat lice with outrageous methods. We wouldn’t put coconut oil into that category but we also wouldn’t put it in the same category as our treatments. Nothing compares to going to a professional lice treatment. According to a clinical trial conducted by the Medical Entomology Centre, out of 50 patients, 41% of people were cured using a combination of coconut and anise spray, while 23% of people were cured using a permethrin-based over-the-counter treatment. This means coconut oil mixed with anise spray is more effective than drugstore lice treatments that are specifically made for lice. This is because of the super lice epidemic. Super lice have become resistant to many chemicals.


Coconut Oil Compared To Other Home Remedies

Coconut oil alone doesn’t do the trick, much like mayonnaise and tea tree oil. Although, it does not have as many harmful side-effects as mayonnaise and tea tree oil. Coconut oil is actually good for the hair and scalp. So if we were to compare which home remedy is the best option, coconut oil mixed with anise spray would be the most effective.