Getting Rid of Lice

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of lice? We’re going to share with you a few methods that are commonly used to help people with head lice removal. Then, we are going to share which of these methods are the safest and most effective.

Lice Combs are commonly used and usually one of the first resources that many use. Unfortunately this method requires a lot of time and takes lots of experience to do correctly.

Lice Shampoos are another common resource that many our of patients seek out, usually after having no luck with a lice comb. This method can be very effective and can provide results fairly quickly. One caution we would share is that you talk to a lice expert before using lice shampoos. Some of these shampoos may have harmful chemicals that can damage your hair or cause serious irritation.

Natural Home Remedies can be effective, but are mostly used as preventatives.

AirAllé Treatment is a dry heat method that kills lice by stripping them of natural liquids necessary for survival. This method is also very effective and provides quick results in just 60-90 minutes. AirAllé is a non-toxic and completely safe treatment. When done by lice experts you can experience permanent lasting results.

Lice removal methods have come a long way. We have discussed multiple methods of lice removal and broken each of them down into their individual pros and cons. If you are trying to get rid of lice, give us a call. Our lice experts can help you!

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