Your Child has Lice. The Best Ways to React.

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Lice Treatments | 0 comments

Life is so busy and stressful at times. The last thing parents want to deal with is a lice problem in their own home. With schedules that are difficult to keep up with, school projects, homework, business affairs and keeping the home life running smoothly, life can already seem overwhelming. So, how should we stop and react when our children end up contracting lice? There are many people who will offer advice and their perspective from their own experiences. Perhaps finding a friend or another parent you trust to talk it through would be a great place to start. Along with getting yourself some support here are some areas to think about.


Stay Calm

The most realistic first reaction might be to become upset. Try to avoid that. There are solutions that will help you become lice free and prevention methods that can begin to use to keep the problem in check. Lice Clinics of Texas is your best resource for answers. Our consultants are trained and equipped with the fastest, most effective method of getting your family lice free. We use the Arielle technology that guarantees your are one hour and done. Just try to remember, you are the adult in the situation. Your child will look to you for answers, for support and reassurance. Parents actions typically are reflected by their children. Keeping your cool will help them to like you can handle it.


Let Them Know What is Happening

Before you come into the clinic you will have to explain to your child what is happening. Try to keep the conversation straightforward and your answers simple. Making the problem seem complex or tricky could overwhelm your child. Stressful situations can give children a reason to act out and cause even more stress or contention. Or some children shut down and try to deal with the stress by being quiet and hiding their feelings. Help them understand the situation by keeping your explanations simple. Watch their behavior for anything that is out of the norm or alarming. Just make sure they know they can talk to you and that you will listen.


Offer a Listening Ear

Give comfort and strength my showing you are aware of their feelings. Ask them questions and give them the chance to respond. Listen. Think of things to do to make them feel more at ease. Often open-ended questions are more likely to get a response. Asking specifics or about a detail of the circumstances might break the ice a little more and help your child feel like opening up. Be calm, not pushy. Show patience and care.


Give Reassurance

Make sure your child does understand. Sometimes, especially with lice, myths and over exaggerations can cause worry for young children. They don’t know what is real and what is blown out of proportion. After simply explaining lice and the process for removing it, allow your child the chance to ask you questions. Make them feel reassured that you are in control, willing to help and ready to handle it. The professional staff at Lice Clinics of Texas can be your best support system in removing lice from your home. We want to make you feel reassured as well, our products and Arielle system can do just that.