Why Parents LOVE Lice Clinics of Texas

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Austin, FDA-Clearance, Houston, Lice Treatments, parenting, San Antonio | 0 comments

Love is in the air this month as we think about all the people who mean the most to us. We are proud to say that many patients from our clinics have nothing but LOVE for us! We appreciate our customers so much! We LOVE our community and the people we serve! 

Here’s what parents are LOVING about Lice Clinics of Texas:


-Appointments Available When You Need Them

We offer quick appointments to help you get to a faster solution. When it comes to head lice, many people struggle for weeks or months trying to solve the problem on their own. After trying nitpicking with a comb, over the counter shampoos, or cleaning the home for several weeks…parents are left with a reoccurring and seemingly endless head lice problem!  

Guaranteed head lice free in 90 minutes?! Parents are LOVING that option! 

-Three Convenient Locations 

You will find our Lice Clinics of Texas locations in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston to serve you! We are easy to find and right around the corner to supply you with the best, most up to date and effective lice treatment options available on the market today.

-Friendly, Caring and Dedicated Staff

So many parents walk away from our Lice Clinics of Texas relieved that they got the help they needed without feeling judged or put down! There is no reason to feel bad for having head lice!  We get it! Head lice happen to the best of us! No one on our staff is here to criticize you or the situation. We are here to support you through it and eliminate your head lice problem for good!

Our technicians are all trained to spot head lice and nits, apply the best treatment option to end your specific problem and help you understand tips and tricks to avoid head lice in the future. Dedicated to you and knowledgeable, what more could you ask for in a Lice Clinic?

-No More Head Lice!

We are so confident that our treatment works and lasts that if you notice head lice or nits again within 6 weeks of receiving your treatment, we will treat you again for FREE!