What Makes Lice Clinics of Texas Different?

by | Aug 26, 2019 | FDA-Clearance, Lice Treatments | 0 comments

What to Expect at Lice Clinics?

With the fast pace world we live in today, why should head lice care be any different. Lice Clinics of Texas is your quick, painless solution for head lice removal. Over the counter shampoos, doctor prescribed shampoos, powders or treatments products simply do not work as quickly. 

The majority of parents we encounter come to us after weeks of using harsh, chemical-based products that have left them fuming mad and still scratching their heads! These products are not working and cause a lot of frustration. 

Lice Clinics of Texas should not be your last line of defense! We offer real solutions, for an affordable cost. Don’t waste your valuable resources – money and time trying to get rid of head lice on your own. We are here to help you!


Professional Staff Is Knowledgeable and Helpful

We know that this situation can cause high stress and frustration. We did not get into the head lice business because we enjoy dealing with creepy, crawly bugs! Going to work every day is rewarding after seeing the relief on parent’s faces when the problem is GONE! We love to help little boys and girls feel better and safe knowing the head lice are off of their scalp. 

Our team has treated thousands of people for head lice. We are your professional source as to how to prevent head lice, eliminate it and stop it from spreading. If you have any questions about how the treatments work, or what options are best for your family please don’t wait! Head lice spread more quickly every day. The longer a person is a carrier, the more likely head lice are passed onto other members of their circle.