Team Up With the Avengers!

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Lice Treatments, Super Lice | 0 comments

The next big Hollywood movie has hit the theaters! Bringing with it new shattering records and plenty of action-packed moments. When you are dealing with a villain or problem in your life, how nice would it be to have the Hulk, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy or Iron Man on your side?

We will do you one better! If you and your family are fighting off head lice, team up with the Avengers! The Avengers of Head Lice, that is. Lice Clinics of Texas can offer you the support and answers you seek. We can fight with you every step of the way in your battle against head lice!

At Lice Clinics of Texas throughout Houston, Austin and many areas of Texas we offer the best head lice removal care around.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Lice Clinics of Texas to destroy your head lice problem:

-Head lice screenings are a thorough way for us to evaluate if you or someone in your household has head lice and just how bad the problem is. With part of the head lice check you will receive a lice comb that you get to take with you when you leave. The lice comb can help you perform your own checks from that point on, ensuring that the problem has not returned. We will show you what to look for and help you pinpoint the problem.


-If there is evidence of an outbreak, we can take of it right away! We offer a one-time treatment that will seriously eliminate your head lice problem quickly. This chemical free approach can keep your mind at ease that no harmful substances are risking your families safety. Plus, we guarantee that process for work for up to 6 full weeks.


-Did you know that head lice spread quickly throughout a household? If you are living with a child between the ages of 3-10 they are much more likely to bring head lice home than any other age group. With that in mind, if your child does have head lice, any other family members that come into direct contact with the child are much more likely to contract head lice themselves! Screen the entire family for head lice at Lice Clinics of Texas to be sure the problem has not spread.


-New “super lice” are hitting the school scenes rapidly this year. These lice show strong immunities to over the counter products that have been used for over 30 plus years in the United States. With the help of our new, innovative approach to head lice, even “super lice” do not stand a chance at survival. Why waste your time and money on over the counter products that simply will no longer work? Call Lice Clinics of Texas today and be your families favorite hero!