September National Head Lice Prevention Month

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National Pediculosis Association (NPA), an organization that uses its time and resources to help educate parents about the importance of head lice health, has declared September National Head Lice Prevention Month. This is important because the education of head lice health to parents is the best preventive measure we can take for the general welfare of public health.

Comb First!

Their message to parents across the nation is this – Comb First! In an effort to help parents understand the risks of contracting head lice and how to effectively screen for it, they have added resources and an educational campaign against head lice on their website

This effort focuses on the importance of parents screening children for lice at home, knowing the signs and symptoms of head lice and working with schools to ensure parents are notified of proper procedures and policies.

The president of NPA, Deborah Altschuler recently stated, “Parents simply can’t rely on government agencies for proper guidance on lice prevention and treatment and must be prepared for pediculosis (lice infestation) regardless of school policy, FDA dogma or product marketing information.” 

This statement comes as a recent backlash to many school districts across the country that have neglected to send notifications home after head lice outbreaks were found. Such as this weeks news report from a district in Wentzville, Missouri. The truth is, school districts are not always required to notify parents or do not take the time to do so.

National Pediculosis Associations message to parents is simple! Take the time to screen your own children. Educate yourself on the best ways to do so. Stay in the loop of your children’s school policies. Protect yourself and your children through preventative measures.

How Can Lice Clinics of Texas Help You Be a ProActive Parent?

We offer head lice screenings at our clinics. We can show you the proper way to screen for head lice, teach you what to look for, and even help you identify if you have a head lice problem. 

The NPA urges parents to remember, “Everyone wins when everyone combs!

Our staff can supply you with the top of the line combing tools available so that you can protect your child with head lice screenings often. The best times to check are often after shampooing when their hair is wet. Simply use the nit-picking comb to look through their hair strands, particularly around the nape of the neck, behind the ears, and at the crown of the head. This can go a long way in preventing a head lice outbreak. 

Pesticide Shampoos Are Something We Steer Clear Of

Lice Clinics of Texas is proud to offer the latest technology in head lice removal. We offer safe, alternative methods to harsh pesticides and insecticides that can burn skin, absorb into the body and cause reactions. Call our clinic today to discuss your concerns or questions with a professional Lice Clinic expert! 

“Parents who have a quality lice comb can identify and successfully end an infestation early and safely when there are fewer lice and nits present,” remarks NPA president Deborah Altschuler. Each child protected from a pesticide shampoo is a victory for that child.