Take Selfies At Your Own Risk

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Lice Treatments, parenting, Super Lice | 0 comments

It used to be that parents would worry about kids getting lice by while playing hide and go seek or laying down together in the treehouse but now parents have a new thing to worry about: selfies. That’s right, kids are now getting lice by taking selfies with their phone.

Scientists recently studied over 200 children and found that children who own a smartphone or tablet are twice as likely to get head lice than children who do not own a smartphone or tablet. They found that the reason for this is children who have these devices, take more selfies with their friends, giving lice the perfect opportunity to crawl from head to head. Children may bump heads without even realizing it.

Head lice infestations have increased in older children because of selfies as well. It’s not only elementary school children who get lice anymore. Selfies really create a domino effect of spreading head lice. So next time you get ready to take a selfie, beware.

Selfies And Super Lice

With lice spreading rapidly in elementary schools and now middle schools and high schools as well, it’s important to find a safe and effective lice treatment. Almost all lice infestations these days comprise of super lice, meaning they have a resistance to over-the-counter lice treatments and many other lice removal shampoos. drugstore lice shampoos are ineffective and in fact, can have harmful side effects. It’s extremely important to get educated and stay away from these products.

Our Solution

Trying head lice treatments does not have to result in a dead-end failure. Our treatments have been medically tested and strategically created to treat lice without the use of harmful pesticides. We offer a guaranteed treatment using a device that blows warm air to dehydrate lice and their eggs. Our high quality, non-toxic treatment is the perfect solution to one-and-done lice removal. Our treatments won’t harm your children or the environment.

No matter which treatment you choose when your child gets lice, make sure that it is first, safe and 2nd, effective. And take selfies at your own risk.