Rise in Head Lice Has Parents Scratching Their Heads

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Lice Treatments, parenting, Super Lice | 0 comments

All over the country people are talking about head lice. Parents can seem worried or even distressed about the “super lice” rumors.  What is the truth about this nasty problem? Is it more common now? Yes, head lice are proving to pop up more quickly and in more areas than in years past. A recent news report from NBC Nightly News indicated that this common problem is becoming even more prevalent than before. Here are a few reasons it is a growing concern.


Reason #1 – Head Lice Are Indeed Harder to Kill

The active ingredient in over the counter lice shampoos and treatments, pyrethrin is simply not killing head lice anymore. Over the last thirty years that these products have been on the store shelves, they have been the go-to solution for parents whose kids contract head lice. Overuse has led to immunities being built up by head lice much in the way vaccinations help humans develop immunities to disease. Evolution at work has created a bigger problem for getting rid of head lice. Without realizing “super lice” are immune, parents are still relying on over the counter treatments and not getting rid of the problem. This is causing a more rapid spreading of head lice in communities around the country.


Reason #2 – Home Remedies Are Not Eliminating the Problem

On the flip side, a lot of parents are choosing to scour the internet for a list of helpful home remedies when they realize their child has a head lice outbreak. Pinterest, Instagram, and various other sites have loads of blogs or videos with tips and tricks. They will try mayonnaise, vaseline, olive oil, or even go as far as Vodka or kerosene. Certainly these cures could do a bit of damage, but in the end, they simply will not suffocate all of the adult lice or even begin to kill any nits, or lice eggs present on the infected person’s head. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stress that these home remedies are not proven, effective methods for eliminating head lice. In fact, use of these products could be wasting valuable time. The longer your child is carrying head lice, the more likely others in your home will become affected and ultimately make the problem much worse. Do not rely on these old wives tales as many parents are. It is not doing much to solve the dilemma.


Reason #3 – Tech Savvy Teens and Young Kids are Contracting Lice

This generation of young people is practically physically attached to handheld devices. Whether it is an iPad, smartphone, tablet or an iPod, young kids and teens are usually seen together, closely watching their small screens and laughing about who posted what. This close proximity to one another is again another reason head lice are spreading more commonly through junior high and high schools. Usually, teens have developed a personal space zone, leaving them less vulnerable for head to head contact. Nowadays that is not always the case when it comes to electronics. Screen time can lead to direct head to head contact and therefore more and more teens are catching the head lice bug.


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