Relax, You’ve Got Head Lice Handled!

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Lice Treatments, parenting | 0 comments

Every parent knows that feeling. The moment you feel like if one more thing is added to your plate you might just crumble. When your children are hit with head lice, staying calm can be a huge obstacle. We know that sometimes you might just want to curl up in a ball and cry!

Not only do you have the daily pressures of parenthood, but now you have to deal with a nasty case of head lice as well!

Studies show us that parents who take time to care for themselves are better equipped to care for their families. Even with every day, basic tasks life can be overwhelming. If you mix in difficult challenges like sickness, or head lice, things can get hard, fast.

A recent article from The Washington Posts suggests, “Maintaining the basic day-to-day with no extraordinary circumstances, keeping all those balls in the air, is a really demanding endeavor, and it leaves very little time for moms to be able to have fun, relax, rest and have downtime,” says Aimee Danielson, director of the Women’s Mental Health Program at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in the District.

We get it. Head lice are hard. We know what to do to bring relief to you and your kids. The best thing you can do to tackle this head lice headache is to call the Lice Clinics of Texas. Our clinic and staff are here to help you through this with the most effective and affordable head lice treatments out there.  

But, if you are having one of those “overload” days here are a few friendly tips to help you handle the head lice drama.

Healthy Ways to Relax:

  • Have a mommy or daddy timeout. Take a few minutes for yourself in a quiet room or even a closet. Sometimes you just need a quiet moment.
  • Ask for help. Call a trusted friend or sister/brother and ask them to take your kids for an hour or two while you do something you enjoy.
  • Exercise. Yoga, running, cycling, step, pilates or even just a simple walk can do wonders for the soul. Make time for your physical health.
  • Keep a daily journal. Just a line or two is enough. Write one thing that happened that made you laugh. Or simply one thing that you were blessed with that day.
  • Pray or meditate. No matter what your beliefs, taking time to ponder or pray is emotionally and mentally healthy. Clear your mind and make a game plan.
  • Prepare for the day. Every night before you go to sleep list your top priorities for the next day. Even if you can only have time for one or two things to get done, make sure you are doing what matters most.
  • Just breathe. Taking deep breaths and holding them in, slowly released helps calm your mind and soul.
  • Get a massage, or take a hot bubble bath.
  • Go on a date with your spouse/partner. Hire a baby sitter if you have to.
  • Put your children to bed early and have some YOU time. Better yet, go to bed early yourself! 
  • Take time to enjoy your children. Stop what you are doing and read a story, play a game, or go play at the park. Remember the joys of parenthood, not just the hard times.
  • Go on a spontaneous family trip, camping, to the movies or hike. Just get away for a few hours or days!
  • Remember, you are not alone. Every parent has days when they feel overwhelmed and unqualified. Do your best and the rest will work out.