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What makes us different

Through our years of lice removal expertise, we are excited to offer the most cutting-edge lice treatment in our clinics. FloSonix uses a controlled flow of heated air to methodically kill lice bugs and dehydrate all lice eggs, leaving them incapable of continuing the life cycle. FloSonix technology successfully desiccates all lice eggs on the scalp and hair shaft. Lice Clinics of Texas is the first clinic to bring this new treatment to the three major Texas cities.

Our Approach:

  • Kills Lice AND Nits
  • Typically Takes Less than an Hour
  • Is Non-Toxic and Pesticide-Free
  • Works for Kids and Adults
  • Includes a FREE Family Lice Screening with the Purchase of Just One Treatment
  • Includes a 6-week Guarantee When All Family Members are Checked for Lice and Cleared/Treated
  • Includes Discounts for Multiple Treatments
  • Best, Most Effective Cure to Head Lice 

Problem Solved!

We will quickly fix your lice problem and get your life back on track. We know how to get rid of lice. And in case you come across lice again, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our 6-week guarantee. We offer all of this at an affordable price. Call now for an

How We Do It

Here at Lice Clinics of Texas we use the best lice removal treatments avalible. Using the FloSonix device, we treat lice at the root. FloSonix uses a controlled flow of hot air to kill lice and dehydrates nits at the root. 

We provide the best lice removal service in Houstin, San Antonio, and Austin. Learn more about how we keep you lice free here. 

Staying Safe During Covid-19

At Lice Clinics of Texas, keeping your family safe and healthy is our top priority. We’ve always adhered to rigorous cleaning and disinfecting standards to prevent the spread of lice. Currently, we are following medical guidance by implementing the use of masks for all employees and customers, deep cleaning between client appointments and maintaining a physical separation between customers.


Lousted has a fantastic staff and great service! Worth every penny!

Mari J.

These ladies know their stuff. They made an icky situation rather pleasant, they’re awesome with the kiddos, and make you feel so welcome and comfortable. An awesome place for lice removal in Austin, Texas.

Tara H.

Great experience in a difficult time. Thanks for making it comfortable for the entire family.

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