The Fear of Lice

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Lice Treatments | 0 comments

Almost everyone deals with some type of irrational fear. There are phobias for almost any possible scenario. Know anyone who obsessively washes their hands? They may be suffering from Mysophobia, the fear of germs. What about the fear of public speaking, Glossophobia, which happens to be one of the most common phobias. It ranges in severity but researchers believe close to 75% of people have some level of it.

Then there is one fear that lately seems to be growing rampant. The fear of lice, Pediculophobia, is a real struggle for some people. Parents are sitting at a baseball game and overhear talk of super lice, lice that are immune to over the counter products and chemicals in pesticides that may have worked in the past. Genetically resistant mutated super lice! What parent wouldn’t be afraid? Sounds like a Marvel movie in the making.

Don’t let the rumors scare you. Lice Clinics of Texas are prepared to defend you and your family against even super lice. The first step is to help you determine if you have a problem. If lice are detected we will inform you of the most effective lice removal methods you can find. Over the counter products will end up costing you double the money, double the time, and double the headache. Not to mention you can’t get the guarantee that we offer that the problem will be eliminated.

Face the fear. Here are the facts.

Learning the signs and symptoms of a lice infestation will help dramatically to know if you have a problem. Even with the national average of 6 to 12 million children infected with lice each year, watching for signs of lice can drastically reduce your chances of a full on infestation.

The first symptom to show will be eggs, or nits, in the hair. The eggs are laid near the base of the scalp and have a sticky like secretion that makes them glued onto the hair strands. If you see very small, tan or yellowish colored specks that do not move when the head is shaken or rustled it is likely you are dealing with nits. Our clinics offer lice head checks if you are unsure. It’s much easier to deal with the problem early on than waiting until you have more lice hatched and living in the affected area.

Scratching and itching on the head can actually take four to five weeks to even start. After eggs hatch and grow into adult lice they leave traces of fecal matter and saliva that irritate the skin causing red rashes that itch. Let’s also not forget that they feed on human blood. An infected person can receive hundreds of tiny, red bites all over their scalp that cause severe itching and irritation.

Still not ready to face your fear? The Lice Clinics of Texas is here to alleviate your concerns. Contact our offices and we can get you on your way to full peace of mind.