Parents: What NOT to Say When Kids Have Head Lice

by | Jul 7, 2018 | Lice Treatments, parenting | 0 comments


Every parent can agree that there are moments we wish we could go back and have a do-over. Maybe we blurted out something we didn’t really mean in a moment of stress or lost our cool over something really small and unimportant. We have all be there. At Lice Clinics of Texas, we understand that learning your kid has head lice can definitely be one of those moments.

Our advice for parents, take a moment to breathe, arm yourself with good information, and proceed with patience. Parents – you got this! Lice Clinics of Texas is here for you.

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” Peggy O’Mara reminds us. Now is the perfect time for you as a parent to recommit to using positive language and building trust with your child.

With that said, here are a few things that every normal parent may have popped into their mind when just learning their kid is harboring head lice. We recommend avoiding them at all costs:


“Who have you been playing with? Those kids are so dirty!”

“Yuck! Please don’t hug me. I don’t want to catch it!”

“It’s so gross! So Creepy!”

“How could this happen, haven’t you been careful? Have you been showering?”

“Oh no, now I have to tell all your friends and neighbors that you have head lice!”


Here are a few things to remember to help you avoid the negative commentary:

#1- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that between 6 to 12 million children will pass along head lice every year in the United States. That’s a lot of kids dealing with this issue. And, that number is only on the rise. The new generation of “super lice” that are showing immunities to pyrethrum, the active ingredient in over the counter shampoos are making head lice rampant in some parts of the country. So, rest assured. You are not alone in this problem.


#2 – Shampooing and bathing alone do NOT kill head lice or nits. Contrary to popular belief, getting head lice does not mean that someone is dirty or unkempt. In fact, head lice have no preference over clean or dirty hair. A host is a host to them. Also, head lice are able to survive for several hours underwater. This is why water and shampoo do not kill them.


#3 – When your child contracts head lice it is very courteous to let close friends parents know, teachers and possibly coaches or other adults who might be able to help make sure it is not becoming a huge problem in the community. However, it is not something that every child needs to know. Keeping it as discreet as possible by communicating with trusted adults is the best approach. Kids can get as embarrassed and hurt by gossip or rumors as adults. Sometimes even much worse than adults. Keep in mind their feelings and proceed with discretion.


#4 – Children look to their parents for safety and security. You are their anchor. Remember to be the adult, use your words carefully and try to keep a positive and uplifting attitude in this difficult situation. Use it as an opportunity to build trust between you and your child. They will start to believe you can help them through any tough situation in life.


#5 – Lice Clinics of Texas is the most reliable source for diagnosing head lice, removing head lice and keeping your home head lice free. Call our offices today with any questions or concerns you may be feeling. We understand. We are here to help you!