Parenting Tips: How to Talk to Your Kids About Lice

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Lice Treatments, parenting | 0 comments

Keep Calm and Call Lice Clinics of Texas

As a parent or caretaker, we all understand that there are some topics you need to address with your children that are uncomfortable or embarrassing. Essentially, with teenage children, it can even be awkward. Head lice definitely fit into that category for some people. Why is it important to talk to your kids about head lice? What is the best way to help them understand?


Why Should I Talk to My Kids About Head Lice?

The Center for Disease Control states that anywhere from 6 to 13 million people acquire lice per year in the United States, most often children between the ages of 3-11.  This problem is not getting better, it is actually escalating in the United States due to super lice that show strong immunities to over the counter lice care products. With a problem like this growing so rapidly, talking to your kids about prevention and symptoms is essential to stay lice free.


What’s the Best Way to Help Them Understand?

Come up with some questions. The way you talk to children can really influence the way they react. Asking specific questions is a great way to see how much they understand. Asking open-ended questions that require some thought and much more than a simple YES or NO answer can help to initiate conversation because kids are more likely to open up. It shows that you care what they think and feel. Some examples could be, “Why do you think it would be important to learn about head lice?” or “What things do you already know about head lice and how they survive?”

Keep things simple. Share the facts about lice with them in a simple, precise way they can understand. Make sure they get it by using simple terms, reiterating the facts with follow through questions and help them to get the big picture.

Avoid nagging and acting disappointed. It is a common misconception that dirty or unkempt people get head lice. The fact remains that anyone and everyone is susceptible to head lice, regardless of what gossip goes around. It is not anyone’s fault, it is a fact of life. Griping, complaining or nagging at a child will do nothing but make them feel bad. Approach your child with love, care, and consideration. Offer positive affirming words and take action in a positive way to help them. Patience is key as well. This attitude can help create a healthy relationship between you and your child. No matter if they contract head lice, or any other problem arises, you will be in a much better position to handle it.

Stay Calm and Contact Lice Clinics of Texas.  If children see that you are calm and collect, they will be much more capable of keeping their cool as well. Don’t seem grossed out or disgusted because that does nothing to solve the problem or help the child. If you are childish about head lice, they will be also. Stay calm and contact Lice Clinics of Texas. We can help walk you through any head lice problem with the latest procedures and technology that can alleviate head lice and their eggs in a single treatment. We also offer head lice checks for parents who don’t know for sure what to look for and how to diagnose head lice.