How to Treat a Child with Head Lice

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Parenting comes with moments that can be frightening. Talking to your kids about sensitive subjects is one of them. Head lice are not fun for anyone. People who get infected with head lice are often ashamed, embarrassed and feel gross. That begs the question, how do you talk to your child about head lice without making them feel bad, dirty or disgusting?


Our Best Advice – Do Not Overreact

We get it! Head lice are super gross. What’s more revolting than a creepy, blood-sucking bug? Lots of creepy, blood-sucking bugs on the scalp of your precious, little child! It is easy to be disgusted and have a moment of panic. As parents, it is important to stay calm. If you are visibly upset than image how much more anxious your child will feel. 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind: head lice just happens. In fact, head lice often prefer clean hair to dirty hair. There is absolutely no correlation between hygiene and contracting head lice. With that being said, hygiene does help eliminate head lice but initially doesn’t play a role in who is passed head lice. 


Avoid Responses Like:

“Who have you been playing with? Those kids always look dirty!” 

“Yuck! Please don’t hug me. I don’t want to catch it!”

“Ugh! It’s so gross! There’s so many!!”

“How could this happen? Have you been washing your hair?”


What Should I Do When I Realize My Kid Has Head Lice?

Take a few moments to gather your thoughts if needed. Remember, you are the grown up!  If you are regularly checking your child’s scalp for head lice, this will not be such a shock for you. If you haven’t been screening them and you suddenly just realize they have a head full of lice this can be cause for alarm! 

Arm yourself with accurate information. Lice Clinics of Texas is an excellent source for you to contact. Learn about how head lice are contracted, how to eliminate them and prevent them.

-Proceed with patience. Keeping your cool and remaining positive is the best approach for your child. 


Try to Remember:

#1- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that between 6 to 12 million children will pass along head lice every year in the United States. 

#2 – When your child contracts head lice it is common courtesy to let their close friends parents know, their teacher and school nurse. This does not mean it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Discretion is important. It is appropriate to ask others to use discretion as well. 

#3 – Children look to their parents for safety and security. You are there to offer support and solutions. Not to make them feel worse. Be their safety net and this could end up helping build trust in your relationship. 

#4 – Lice Clinics of Texas is most trusted resource for helping you eliminate head lice from your life.