Hottest Holiday Toys for Your Tech Savvy Kids

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Holidays | 0 comments

It’s 2017 and that means toys have come a long way since the Magic 8 Ball and Rubik’s Cube. With the technology that our children have to play with their toys are a whole new level of fun! We have searched high and low to find the best interactive toys for the children on your good list this holiday season.

Bring Home the Best for Boys

-furReal Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger. Hasbro has created a tiger that plays with your child by responding to touch, reacting to voice commands and even chases his own squeaky toy! This playful tiger is sure to win the devotion of your little one as they pet him and he purrs and closes his eyes. He loves to play rowdy as well with over 100 different sound and motion combinations, he actually responds to your child’s touch and movement.

-Lego Boost Code Builds. Legos that move! Building Legos has been a popular pastime for generations. Now with new technology children can build one of five different robot models and actually use code to make it dance, move, talk, sing and even tell jokes! Their very own robot is controlled by a downloadable app on any mobile device or tablet. Not only does this new level of Lego help your child grasp how to work with technology but it will get them excited about learning!

-VRSE Virtual Reality Sets. Technology in these reality sets brings the excitement of the big screen into your living room. Kids can strap on a reality set and suddenly they’ve entered a whole new world! With 360 degree panoramic views of movie scenes and settings from Batman or Jurassic World they can experience heart pounding excitement firsthand. Ever been chased by a T-Rex or battled alongside Batman? Now they can with this latest technology!

Top Tech Trends for Girls

-Game Smart Watch for Kids. Finding stylish, functional smart watches for kids has never been possible, until now.  With touchscreens 1.5 inches in size these smart watches provide hours of up to date entertainment with built-in games and learning features. Designed for capturing photos as well there are several options that allow kids to change up the camera with special effects. They can use their very own smartwatch to set an alarm, keep track of time, play games and video special events.

-Luvabella Doll. This lovely, life-like baby doll interacts with the little girl in your life almost like a real baby! She can be fed, burped and changed to name just a few features.  She comes with several extras like feeding materials and a change of clothes. The more you play with her, the more she learns. Teach her to make sounds, say words and respond to movements! She will quickly become the love of your little girl’s life.

-Hatchimals. When your child receives a hatchimal it will arrive in a sparkly, beautiful egg. As they tap the egg, listen for a response! Hold it up to their ear and listen for a new heartbeat! They help their egg hatch and care for the precious new friend once it has arrived. Their new hatchimal interacts with them and can sing songs, learn games and play for hours.