Head Lice Testing & Screening In & Around Houston & Austin

by | Apr 30, 2016 | Lice Treatments | 0 comments

At Lice Clinics of Texas in Houston and Austin, we can thoroughly check to assess if anyone in your family needs a lice treatment. You can be assured that we use the most effective method for diagnosing lice by dry combing the hair for eggs. The good news is there’s no chance of paying for an unnecessary treatment. We can show you evidence of the outbreak and take care of it right away. And, if you have one treatment, then checks for the whole family are free. Our lice treatments are quick, chemical-free and guaranteed for up to 6 weeks!
If you are lucky and you are lice-free, the cost is just $25 per person for the check + $10 for the lice comb, which you can take home. If you have more than four family members, additional checks are just $10/person.

lice head checks and screenings
The next time you are worried about lice or see your kids scratching, don’t hesitate to call and make a head check appointment. We can give you peace of mind. There’s no reason to worry about the process. We can take care of everything and stop an outbreak right away.