Head Lice in Full Swing as School is Back in Session

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Parents! With Back to School here, it’s time to start thinking about head lice! Why is that?

Head lice are causing problems all across the country for school districts. New super lice, or lice that are showing strong immunities to over the counter products, are much more difficult to get rid of. This means they are spreading more rampantly in schools.

Usually, around this time of year, we see a rise in head lice problems. Back to school does indeed mean, back to head lice problems!

Lookout For the Following Symptoms:

-Even though it can take up to three weeks for full symptoms to start, the itching will begin pretty quickly after a head is infested. What causes itching? Bites on the scalp leave traces of saliva and open wounds that irritate the skin. Fecal matter from head lice left on the scalp also irritate it.

-Redness, irritation, swelling spots on the scalp and itching are all an indication you could be infected. 

-Rashes on the scalp, near the nape of the neck or the crown of the head, are all signs that head lice are present. These are the areas they like to linger. 

-Sleeplessness due to discomfort on the scalp is a concern. Head lice are nocturnal creatures and will become much more active at night, looking for food and crawling around the scalp.

-Head lice lay their eggs very close to the scalp. A glue-like secretion is used to cement the egg onto a single hair strand. This means it will be much more difficult to flake off than dandruff.

-Head lice reach adulthood about 14 days after they hatch. At this point, they can easily be spotted on the scalp if you thoroughly look. Sometimes they scurry quickly away from bright lights and burrow into the hair or skin. 

 What Every Parent Needs to Know This Back to School

If you spot any or all of these symptoms on your child you might be stressed about what to do next. Panic and disgust can be initial emotions, but try to remain calm. With the help of Lice Clinics of Texas, you can beat this head lice hassle quickly!

Schedule an appointment with Lice Clinics of Texas. We will do a head lice check to make sure you are dealing with head lice. It is wise to have every member of the household checked to ensure that the problem does not spread through your family.

Talk to your school nurse if you have concerns. Your child’s teacher should also be aware so that they can delicately alert other parents to the situation. Sometimes friends and family can also be excellent resources. You never know, they could be going through the exact same scenario! Your child had to catch head lice from someone…it was most likely someone close to them!