Head Lice Checklist: Have You Taken The Right Steps?

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To ensure you properly eliminate a head lice infection it is important to take the right steps. Many people can feel overwhelmed at the thought of their family being infected with head lice. Your head can spin at the thought of, “What do I do now?” or “Is there anything I forgot?”

Take care to read through our head lice checklist. Properly walking through each step is the only way to thoroughly eliminate head lice from your home and your life. Remember, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us that this year up to 12 million school-age children will contract head lice in the United States. That means that adults, elderly and teenagers living with these small children are also at a great risk for infection.


Head Lice Checklist: Take the Right Steps

  1. Screen Every Member of Your Household.

Lice Clinics of Texas offer head lice screenings at your local clinic. These can provide you with an expert opinion on who has head lice and how bad the situation is. Remember, pets do not transfer head lice.


  1. Treat Those With Symptoms.

Head lice can only effectively be killed if the active lice AND their nits, or eggs, are killed. Many over the counter shampoos and products do not accomplish this. Lice Clinics of Texas have several excellent options available to thoroughly kill head lice AND their nits. In clinic treatments are provided that can dehydrate the head lice and eggs in a single process. At home kits are also available that provide everything you need to be successful at killing head lice at home. The best part, we also offer expert advice. Our staff can help you determine which option is best for you and how to proceed.


  1. Deep Clean All Hair Items.

Anything such as hair brushes, hair combs, hair towels, hair picks, hair clips or ties need to be thoroughly disinfected. There is no need to throw items away. Soaking them in bleach water for 30 minutes, rinsing them and drying them will be enough to kill any traces of head lice. Don’t forget items that are in purses, backpacks or lockers. These could also be infected.


  1. Deep Clean Bedding and Clothing.

If your child has head lice anything that has come into close contact with their head or scalp could be harboring head lice or eggs. This is an easy way for them to become reinfected. Place any backpacks, winter coats, hats, bedding, pillows or other items in the washer. Wash in warm water. If not able to wash, place items in the dryer on a high heat setting for 30 minutes. Still not convinced? Place items in a plastic bag and seal up tightly for a few days to ensure all active lice and nits are suffocated. Head lice cannot survive for over 48 hours once they have left the comfort of their human host.


  1. Keep Cleaning!

Even places that you may not think about such as area rugs, recliners, sofas, bean bags, etc could have traces of head lice. Get out your vacuum and get to work! Items such as leather sofas or car seats could be wiped down with a wet rag to dust away any traces of head lice.


  1. Stay Vigilant About Checking Scalps.

The next few weeks it will be extremely important for you to continue to check for symptoms or signs of head lice. Staying on top of the problem is half the battle!