Head Lice and Pregnancy

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When dealing with head lice one of the common concerns is that harsh chemicals could have negative health effects. This concern definitely escalates when you are pregnant and find out that you have head lice. Lice Clinics of Texas always urges clients to avoid chemical lice treatments that can potentially be absorbed into the body. If you are pregnant, anything absorbed into the body can also be absorbed by your baby.


What Are the Dangers of Chemical Treatments?

  • Most over the counter products that claim to kill head lice use the active ingredient pyrethrum.
  • Although pyrethrum is only mildly toxic to human, if contact is made to broken skin is causes irritation and burning.
  • Inhaling pyrethrum can result in sneezing, nasal irritation, headaches, nausea, swelling and flushing of the face, loss of coordination, tremors, convulsions, difficulty breathing.
  • If left on the skin too long or overused, burning, itching and skin irritation can occur.
  • Allergic responses from coming into contact with products that use pyrethrum or inhalation are also a risk. These can result in vomiting, closed off airways, feelings of dizziness and rashes.


I’m Pregnant and Have Head Lice? What Should I Do?

The main thing is to find natural, unharmful alternatives that will be effective in helping you eliminate head lice. Do not risk using harsh chemicals that could result in a hazardous situation for you and your baby.

The America Pregnancy Association suggests using nitpicking combs to clear out head lice. Nitpicking combs help you avoid chemicals and pick through the hair strands pulling out each louse and nit. Although difficult and time-consuming, this is a 100% chemical free way to treat head lice.

Lice Clinics of Texas can show you how this is done and even offer you quicker treatments that are done in our clinic in less than two hours. Nitpicking is an awesome way to ensure the problem is eliminated after treatments and that you are not risking reinfection.

Call Lice Clinics of Texas for the best, natural treatments that will work to get rid of your head lice problems with no dangerous chemicals. Our knowledgable staff can give you the best options that will keep you and your baby safe, eliminate your head lice headache, and leave you feeling safe and secure with our treatment plan.