5 Fourth of July Activities To do With Your Kids

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Holidays | 0 comments

Every year, people of all ages get excited to lounge by the pool, attend barbecues, wear red, white and blue, eat way too much and play fun games with friends and family. Yep, Tuesday of next week is the Fourth of July and we are looking forward to it! Maybe you have fun traditions or maybe you’re looking for some new traditions for your family. Care.com wrote an article about 12 great activities for kids on the Fourth of July. Here are our 5 favorite ones.

1. Make A Fourth of July Wand

Sometimes kids are fearful of loud and bright fireworks. Or at least their afraid to hold a sparkler or get close to fireworks that others are lighting off. Making a patriotic wand can be their proud accessory to hold instead of fireworks. It’s simple and easy to make and can even be saved till next year. Or you can make it a tradition to make a new one each year.

2. Host A Fourth of July Bike Parade

This creative idea consists of gathering all the kids on the block and giving them decorations to decorate their bike anyway they like. After everyone’s bike is decorated, stage a parade down the street. Parents can sit outside and watch as their adorable kids proudly show off their decorated bikes. How cute is this idea? This makes them feel involved and special in the Fourth of July festivities.

3. Play Patriotic Games

Need some ideas for some fun, outdoor patriotic games? How about a relay race, tug-of-war, water balloon fight, coloring contest, pie-eating contest, scavenger hunt, or Fourth of July bingo? Maybe even a patriotic costume contest. Outdoor Fourth of July games are perfect for hot summer days. They keep the kids active and engaged. You could give out prizes for winners.

4. Bake Red, White and Blue Treats

What is the Fourth of July without the patriotic treats? Baking is something you can do with your children. Teach them the basics of cooking and have some fun together. Cookie decorating is a fun activity for the kids. Buy lots of red, white and blue frosting and make sure not to run out of sprinkles!

5. Teach About the Declaration of Independence

Do your kids know why we celebrate Independence Day? Do they even know that the Fourth of July is Independence Day? The Declaration of Independence is an important part of history and it is a fitting time to learn about it when we are celebrating the independence and birth of our nation. Teach your kids about what it is and who signed it. They will be ahead of the curve when they learn about it in school.

We hope that you enjoy at least one of these suggestions from care.com. If your child happens to contract head lice from on the kids on the block or from a cousin at Fourth of July party, give us a call right away and we’ll perform head checks on your family and treat whoever has it. We hope you and your family have an amazing fourth of July.