Children’s Books About Head Lice to Help Them Cope

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Part of being a kid is curiosity. Children of all ages experience head lice infestations. Many of them may not have any idea what head lice is, how it is spread, or how they are going to get rid of it. Children often can become stressed and worry – are they dirty, are they gross, should they keep it a secret, do head lice hurt me?

These are all real questions that children experience. One amazing way to help them find answers and relieve some of that tension is to read about it! There are several fun, humorous and light-hearted books on the market that deal with the head lice topic. Based on your child’s age and needs here are a few to consider!


Head Lice: The Disgusting Critters SeriesHead Lice: The Disgusting Critters Series 


Recommended Ages 6-9 years old, 1-4 grade level 

This is a series of books that dives right into the topics of scary, spooky and disgusting creatures that most kids might find fascinating to learn about. Bats, slugs, toads, spiders to name a few. And yes – even head lice! 

Kids can learn interesting facts, weird realities and even silly scenarios that will help them understand head lice and laugh at the same time.  This is great book for kids with an imagination and a funny bone. 



                                    Bugs In My Hair!


Recommended Ages 4-8 years old, PreK-3 grade level

Another book that is sure to offer some comedic relief to the situation, this story deals with facts about head lice in the most unusual ways. A louse appearing with his suitcase and a mother ready to fight back with battle-tested lice weapons, this story shows kids this a problem they can solve! 

Your child will soon be laughing and learning that they are certainly not the only child to have had a head full of lice. 





Horrid Henry’s Head Lice   

by Francesca Simon 

Recommended Ages 7 and Up, 3-4 grade level 

Horrid Henry is a common name among most elementary school-age children. The stories of this nasty boy going through school and home with normal life problems and situations to deal with have become popular and loved by many teachers and students. Although this story does not accurately portray what a normal head lice situation would be like in real life, it is a fun twist for kids to realize that all kids, even Horrid Henry, are susceptible to head lice.  No doubt you might have to talk to your kid about the realities of head lice, but offering some laughter to deal with their emotions can be nothing but positive.