5 Tips For Parents: Raising Great Kids

by | Sep 27, 2017 | parenting | 0 comments

All good parents want whats best for their child. Raising independent, self-sufficient and mentally stable kids requires looking through a long-term lens. Here are 5 tips for raising great children.

1. Let Your Kids Fail

As hard as it may be, we need to stand back at times and let our kids make mistakes. They will learn from them. If your child has the skills and abilities to complete a task on their own, let them do it without stepping in. Failing is a necessary part of growing.

2. Let them read what they want.

Encourage your children to read, no matter if it’s a comic book, non-fiction piece or mystical novel. Those who read excel academically.

3. Teach Your Children How To Serve Others

Children who learn to love helping others don’t grow up feeling entitled or selfish. Those who serve on a daily basis are happy and humble.

4. Stay Away From Paying Your Kids To Do Chores

Paying your children to make their bed or clean their room is not always the best strategy in the long run. Parenting expert and author, Alyson Schafer says children will start expecting to be paid for everything they do for you. They’ll think “why would I help my mom carry groceries when I can make my bed for $10?”

5. Set A Bedtime And Stick To It

A study published in 2013 in the journal Pediatrics found that seven-year-olds who had irregular bedtimes had more behavioral problems than did those with consistent bedtimes. Children do well with patterns, schedules, and consistency.

As hard as parenting is, try to think in terms of the future. What will help your child in the long-run? Parenting is hard but if we are dedicated to teaching and nurturing our children in a meaningful way, it will all be worth it when they are successful and happy.