When your head starts to itch and you think it’s lice, we’ll treat it at a reasonable price!

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Lice Treatments | 0 comments

Head lice are small but can give you a freight

They cause intense itching with every single bite


They are hard to spot and like the dark

They lay little eggs to leave their mark


You can get them from hugging when your heads touch

Or sharing items like brushes and such


They are common among kids, so no need to scream

We can make them go away, no matter how severe it may seem


Our revolutionary product is what does the trick

And what’s better than that is that it’s safe and quick


We are parents ourselves so we’ll treat your kids with care

We’ll be diligent at removing all lice and eggs from the hair


So when you head starts to itch, and you suspect that it’s lice

We’ll treat it right away at a reasonable price!