How To Prevent Lice


Welcome to our blog! We are your friendly neighborhood lice exterminators. We are thrilled to have you participate in our community.

Here at Lice Clinics of America we want to help make people more aware of lice. We also want to teach people how they can prevent the spread of this nasty parasite.

One of the greatest misconceptions about lice is that they can jump from host to host. Although this isn’t true, it doesn’t mean that lice can’t spread by other means. When it comes to lice prevention, the average is most likely going to be their own worst enemy.

Usually when the spread of lice occurs it’s because people simply aren’t aware of all the necessary precautions they must take. Our goal is to prevent this from happening by educating and teaching you how to be lice smart.

Let’s learn how to prevent lice together!

What if it’s too late and you have already picked up lice? No worries. We are here to help and can make you lice free in just 60 minutes.

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